Dream Yacht lowers barrier to yacht ownership

CLEARWATER, FL – Dream Yacht Sales & Ownership, a division of Dream Yacht Worldwide, has announced its new and improved yacht ownership program “Dream Fractional”, designed specifically to make yacht ownership easy and more accessible.

For those that dream of worldwide sailing vacations with friends and family, entertaining business guests aboard a yacht, or even yacht ownership as an investment, the Dream Fractional program makes it possible to “dip a toe” into yacht ownership without the barriers of high costs or overwhelming responsibilities. The program offers participants the unique opportunity to share ownership with other like-minded individuals and have Dream Yacht fully manage the insurance, maintenance, cleaning, charter bookings, financials, and more. Fractional owners also enjoy the attractive benefit of access to sail aboard similar yachts in destinations all around the world.

The Dream Fractional program offers 5 equal shares in a yacht, reducing the cost to just 20% of the yacht selling price. As the owner of one of the 5 shares, participants have legal titled ownership of 20% of the yacht, unlike timeshares that provide members only a leased interest in the property. The yacht’s monthly expenses are shared between the owners, as is the yacht’s charter rental income, which helps offset expenses. Each share also allows the owner to use other charter yachts in 50+ destinations around the world for up to 5 weeks per year.

At the end of the program, Dream Yacht manages the entire resale process, from finding buyers to coordinating offers to the completed sale – with owners given priority should any of them wish to purchase the yacht themselves. After the sale, each owner then recovers their share of the final selling price.

“Between the initial purchase price savings realized by utilizing a yacht sharing model, and the quarterly charter revenue income, Dream Fractional makes owning a yacht much more attainable. Add to this equation the boat’s sale at the end of the program at an average of 50-55% of the original price, and the numbers become very attractive. For those that enjoy charter vacations, the reciprocal sailing in amazing destinations around the world makes it an easy decision,” says Dan Lockyer, Chief Revenue Officer for Dream Yacht.

Sailors and adventurers who already enjoy one or more yacht charter vacations per year are particularly well-suited for the program, allowing them charter more frequently at a very low cost. For business owners, the 5 weeks of boat usage can be an inexpensive option for employee incentives or entertaining clients. If the shares are available, owners have the option to purchase more than one, increasing their boat usage time to 10 weeks per year.

Dream Fractional benefits at a glance:

  • Ownership of one of 5 shares in a yacht (Dream Yacht retains one share)
  • Low 20% buy in, with many of the benefits of a full yacht ownership program
  • Legal titled ownership per share
  • Quarterly payout of ¼ share of 65% charter income
  • Operating expenses shared with all co-owners
  • 5 weeks reciprocal boat use worldwide
  • Concierge booking service & financials
  • Fully-managed, worry-free resale process at end of the program

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Author: Vicky Karantzavelou