Shared Living in NYC: Advantages and inconveniences

New York is a big vibrant city with many opportunities for personal and professional growth, with many advantages for making new friends and gaining new experiences. But before you feel all that and have a chance to realize yourself, you have to find a place to settle down. It’s one of the most stressful and complicated questions because of the number of factors needed to be considered. So let’s talk about one of the options to find a room for rent in NYC and its positive and negative sides.

What’s shared living in short
Shared living is simply when you live with somebody in a flat or a room. The first thing we’re most likely to think about is living with our families, but even though it is conceptually correct to classify it as shared living, it does not reflect all the finesses of the term.

Shared living most often suggests living with people who are not your relatives. Mostly, they are strangers, friends, groupmates, fellow workers, etc. Here is where you can realize the main difference between living with parents and shared living – it’s the level of trust between people who live in one place. This aspect defines most regulations about managing responsibilities and other points.

Pros and cons of shared living in NYC
As you can suggest, shared living has pros and cons, so let’s look at them closer.

Among the benefits characteristic of shared living, it’s easy to reveal the following:

  • Lower price compared to individual renting or purchasing property.
  • Division of labor in household activities that suggests alternation of people who do housework, or division of zones for which they are responsible.
  • Provided comforts that you’re not obligated to maintain from your wallet.
  • Communication opportunities that bring strangers together and allow you to learn more about the area you live in and obtain other valuable knowledge.
  • You’re never alone, which can be emotionally supportive for some categories of people.
  • Generally, you get more opportunities for self-realization at your current level without facing overwhelming survival tasks.

Nevertheless, some of these points are only possible if you use the services of companies specializing in leasing shared living spaces.

Among the possible inconveniences, you’re more likely to face individual things that may seem overwhelming at first, especially if you didn’t have any similar experience before. One such thing is how introverted personalities perceive the number of people sharing the same apartment.

If you worry about safety issues or how honest your roommates will be – don’t. Companies that gather such people in shared apartments do an investigation to reveal the person’s background before they accept them as a tenant. It doesn’t exclude the probability of interpersonal conflicts, but it reduces the chance of dishonest behavior on the part of your neighbors.

Finding a good place to live is tricky. However, if you put enough of your individual efforts and use the benefits of professional help, it helps you avoid issues. Address Outpost Club for details about shared living and available locations, and stay calm about your nearest future in New York!

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Author: Apollonas Kritikos