Voxel strengthens collaboration with Apiso to offer flexibility in international B2B payments

Voxel, a company developing technological solutions for B2B payments and electronic invoicing, continues expanding its international presence by partnering with Apiso, the B2B virtual cards integration service provider in the Middle East. It is already 100% integrated into Bavel Pay, the B2B payments solution by Voxel, with which it promotes advanced payment integration solutions.

In the last three years we have strengthened this active collaboration with Apiso in order to continue with our international expansion and focus on companies in the Middle East, as Apiso is the only Bavel Pay payments service provider that operates in the local currency of the countries in this area“, explains Héctor Martín, Vice-president of Global Sales at Voxel.

Andrew Sims, Director at Apiso, said “The addition of this valuable partnership will enable Apiso to broaden its reach by gaining access to the wide range of partners and customers already integrated into the Bavel ecosystem and will drive transactions and payment volume to our issuing partners in the MEA region”.

A clear example of the benefits of this agreement is the case of Desert Gate, a DMC of the MTS-OTS group that, thanks to using Bavel Pay (which is used by all payment service providers that collaborate with Voxel) has been able to take advantage of the services provided by Apiso in the Middle East. Another company that uses the services of Apiso through Bavel Pay is Travel Trade Group.

From the start of this working relationship in 2019, explains Martín, Voxel has expanded their partners’ ecosystem for their B2B payments solution as well as the regional scope of their value proposal, demonstrating their continuous “commitment to simplify payments in the travel industry” and allowing each customer to make use of the service that best adapts to their needs and the territory where they operate.

One of the differentiating values and great competitive advantage of Bavel Pay with respect to other solutions is that companies can pay and execute transactions in the local currency, leaving them less exposed to normal currency exchange fluctuations. However, many other benefits are provided such as choosing a supplier or a different payment method for each transaction and the ability to do so automatically thanks to Bavel Pay’s rules engine”, concludes Martín.

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Author: Theodore Koumelis