Five pro tips to sail a luxury dream vacation on your Honeymoon 2023

A Honeymoon is more than just a holiday; it’s the holiday of a lifetime and one you will cherish forever. This is why, as newlyweds, you’ll likely want to push the boat out! From journeying to exotic locations to ticking exciting experiences off your bucket list, planning a Honeymoon takes much more time and effort than planning your vacation.

Thankfully there are numerous breath-taking Honeymoon options to choose from, one of which includes chartering a yacht for the event. What’s more romantic than setting sail with a yacht charter, enjoying exquisite meals, azure waters, and tropical weather?

Read on to learn five top tips for chartering a luxury yacht on your Honeymoon in 2023

1. Choose the right yacht
Picking the right yacht is the key to a perfect charter. It’s essential to pick a yacht that matches your and your partner’s requirements. Points to consider include:

Some yachts are designed solely for comfort and romance, while others are more geared to water sports activities and adrenaline junkies. If you’re looking for a relaxing trip, you’ll want to pick a yacht with an enormous deck, plenty of areas to sunbathe, and an intimate dining space.

However, if you lean more on the adventurous side, you’ll require a yacht with water toys and a larger entertainment area.

If you’re planning on bringing additional guests, including personal trainers, nannies, personal assistants, or relatives and friends, choosing a yacht that offers enough cabins for everyone is crucial.

According to the REG code, most crewed charter yachts, including yacht charter BVI, can sleep up to 12 charter guests, with some super yachts boasting additional supernumeraries.

There are charters to suit all tastes and budgets. You may choose to split the cost with other couples or, if a once-in-a-lifetime trip, opt for a no-expenses-spared excursion. A good charter company, such as yacht charter BVI, will ensure they ask all the right questions before showcasing their catalog of vessels.

Certain charters must stick to specific destinations, while others can go further afield. If you have a particular itinerary in mind, choosing a yacht that can accommodate this is essential.

When speaking to the charter company, it is key to relay your dream itinerary to them, your current destination, and the number of nights you wish to stay onboard.

All these details will help them to find a suitable charter for you that accommodates all your sailing desires.

2. Be as detailed as possible when filling in your preference form
To ensure a seamless stay throughout your Honeymoon, it’s important to be as detailed as possible when filling in your preference form. All good yacht charters will provide guests with this form before their arrival. The details included will ensure your crew and captain make this vacation entirely bespoke for you.

It asks questions about everything from your ideal itinerary to your dietary requirements and preferred champagne.

The chef is responsible for creating a personalized menu, while the captain and crew oversee your itinerary, favorite activities, and the places you wish to explore, or whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, such as your Honeymoon.

Being as truthful as possible when filling out your preference form and having the input of both husband and wife is key to ensuring a bespoke, memorable stay and one that you will enjoy every minute of – whether a relaxing or active charter.

3. Communicate
One of the best things about chartering a private yacht? Flexibility. Under the guidance of your captain, you can go at your own pace, stay longer in one area, or change the route if appropriate. All you must do is communicate directly with your captain. They will happily alter the itinerary, providing it is safe, and the new itinerary meets the necessary charter yacht safety codes.

On another note, many of today’s crew members boast interesting degrees and backstories. They are also highly knowledgeable when it comes to working with sailing yachts. If you’re interested in engineering, don’t be afraid to ask your crew members to share their experiences and industry information.

4. Pack wisely
When packing for a charter, it’s essential to first consult the itinerary. If you’re planning on a relaxing vacation, a few sarongs and swimsuits may be all you require. However, you will find that most luxury charter guests tend to dress up for their evening meals or when they go ashore.

This is when packing your glad rags is a must! There is no better excuse to dress up than on your Honeymoon! It’s also worth noting down the dress codes for any of the restaurants and venues to tend to visit ashore.

If you have a more adventurous escape in mind and intend to make abundant stops to enjoy the local scenery, you may wish to pack hiking gear, sports kit, riding gear, and a good pair of boots instead of flip-flops alone.

Another point to note is that even in summer, it can get a little breezy on the water. Your charter will likely have plenty of blankets available, but it’s wise to pack a few light jumpers, pashminas, or windbreakers.

Then, of course, there are the other essentials, such as sun cream, travel chargers, travel documents, or any medication you may require.

5. Allow your crew to be at your beck and call
Your crew is trained to make your stay enjoyable and carefree. These trained professionals are taught to be attentive yet invisible, so prepare to be pampered! Thinking of your lavish yacht charter as your own private home is a good idea.

Of course, this attention warrants a tip, and most crew members rely on tips, as they make up a good part of their seasonal income.

Leaving a tip is also a polite way to say thank you and acknowledge both the captain and the crew member’s hard work.

So how much should you tip? Although no rule is set in stone, most guests will tip between five and 20% of the original charter fee.

Unlike a cruise, a luxury yacht charter offers the ultimate freedom and privacy. It’s the perfect holiday environment for your Honeymoon, as everything down to the destination, menu choices, entertainment, and itinerary can be tailored to yours truly.

This makes it an extremely bespoke holiday option and provides a few top tips that you will remember forever.

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Author: Apollonas Kritikos